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Basic Concepts

The healthcare card is the document that identifies individually users against the Public Sanitary System. In addition, the card serves to facilitate the access to the cardholder medical records in certain circumstances but also to apply electronic prescription and to withdraw medication at the pharmacy.

People with public health coverage living in Andalucía should have the healthcare card, irrespective of their age. It is important that children have got their own healthcare card from birth.

There is necessary to request a new healthcare card when the former has been lost or damaged, and when the printed healthcare card details are incorrect (for example the NIE Number, name or surname).

In Hand request

Applying for the first time means that you will be registered on the Users Database (in Spanish called BDU). In this case, the application must be reported in a primary health-care centre and provide the documents accrediting your identity and right to public health care.

Documentation to be provided to apply for Health Care card for the first time for holders and beneficiaries:

  • Passport and NIE Number
  • Passport and NIE Number beneficiaries older than 14 years old and, family booklet or birth certificate for younger than 14 years old.
  • S1 Certificate or public healthcare cover certification right: documents accrediting the status of insured party or beneficiary from insured party issued by the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS).
  • Proof of residence in Andalucía through a Registration Slip (Volante de empadronamiento)

Card application for new-born children

The new-born personal data are registered directly on Users Data base (BDU) when birth has been in the Andalucian public Hospital. From now on is assigned automatically a paediatrician and a Primary Health Care Centre to monitor the new-born.

To issue a healthcare card is necessary to make some others administrative formalities: the inscription at the Civil Registry and assigning the status of beneficiary from insured party at the Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social (INSS).

Following these formalities and with the documents indicated above, you should go to your Primary Health Care Centre to request the Health care card issue. When the allocation is complete you can request to change the paediatrician or the Primary Health Care Centre, get information about timetables and services, etc.

Completed the registration process, the new-born Health Care Card will be sent by mail to the address appearing on the application forms.

Card application by Internet

This procedure is only made for existing Users Registered on Users Data base (BDU) on Andalusian Public Health Care, which has no card for one of these reasons: lost, disappeared, damaged or never received.

The first step to request a copy is to get access on the system by identification (personal data o by digital certificate) and including reason for application (loss or theft, damage, not received). Once request is done, appear on screen a message “request has been realized successfully” and you can print a request receipt.

Health Care card shall be sent by mail to the place of residence appearing on the BDU Users Data Base and must reach within 15 days.

It may be appropriate in some cases to submit the application in the Primary Health Care Centre (Ambulatorio). Example: For those who do not have a digital certificate and have recently changed the address should indicate the new address through the same printed form to request a card copy.

Users with digital certificate can directly change their home address by Internet. Without digital certificate, user’s data are not available for security reason.

Grounds for refusal and limitations to request through Internet

InterSAS (the Internet platform for personal care on Andalucian Health Care) allow requesting the Healt Care Card only for those who are already Andalusian Public Health Care users; requesting for the first time the card user it is necessary to start in your Primary Health Care Centre (Ambulatorio).

On the other hand, they are some requirements to request online a Health Care Card, the major of which are:

  • Must appear the correct address on Users Data base (BDU)
  • Who has spent more than a month from the card issue or documents presentation
  • Who has not been returned a previous card because wrong address or post office trouble

If there is a problem, InterSAS show a special message to explain the trouble and how to solve it.

Where to apply

  • Form and documentation could be provided in hand at Primary Health Care Centre (Ambulatorio) in Frigiliana
  • At the Instituto Nacional de La Seguridad Social (INSS) Centro Comarcal Nro 9 located in Calle Dr. Fernando Vivar, 3, Vélez-Málaga. Call 901 106 570 to make an appointment first.
  • InterSAS: (in Spanish)

EESSI Public Directory of European Social Security Institutions (S1 form)


The Health Care Card in Andalucia has several current models and all are valid for all type of administrative needs in Andalucía and to have full medical assistance all over Spain.

Any changes that had administrative implications on Health Care does not require a card change, everything will appear on the User Data base (BDU) and updated on the Card, for example: the contribution user type on medicines.

The Call Centre Service Salud Responde, available 24 hours at (+34) 955 54 50 60, deals with general and personal inquiries about the Health Care Card in Andalucia.


The ORDER of 27 February 2002, ensuring the effectiveness of the individual character on primary care physician free choice and its management by the User Data base on Andalucian Public Health System (BOJA nº 28. 7th of March 2002)

Legal warning

The information contained in this guide has a merely informative nature, and generates no rights, expectations or responsibilities whatsoever for the Frigiliana Town Hall.

Do not hesitate to contact the foreign department in case of doubts at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. or come in to Town Hall from Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.


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